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ENGLISH | ESPAÑOL | GALAICO ribadeo SittingRibadeo – Lugo SponsorIGVS Year2007 Area (m²)4529 Budget (€)2.219.562 Co-AuthorsLenguas – Navarro To get the most out of the lot, a peculiar access system is used: footbridges that cross the great central void.A large patio, instead of four micro-patiosThe facade: A white folded plane perforated apparently at random. Two …

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ENGLISH | ESPAÑOL | GALAICO olivella SittingOlivella – Barcelona SponsorPrivado  Year2007 Area (m²)240 Budget (€)302.979 Co-AuthorsJosé M. Navarro Isolated Family Home The house is the last in a long row and it borders with a green space. It avoids the classic suburban organization scheme (street vs. inner patio), turns 90º counterclockwise, turns its back to …

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ENGLISH | ESPAÑOL | GALAICO ALLARIZ SittingAllariz – Ourense SponsorIGVS  Year4730 Area (m²)4730 Budget (€)2.684.665 Co-AuthorsYago Lenguas 32 pilot houses1st prize in public competition. First case ever of the new regional regulations being applied to a social housing project. New rules, new solutions. A new model Double-function elements. The  recquired drying-area patio is at the …

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ENGLISH | ESPAÑOL | GALAICO Miñarzo SittingMiñarzo – A. Coruña SponsorPrivado  Year2007 Area (m²)157 Budget (€)81.887 Co-Authors– A house in the outer boundary of a former celt fortress/chester with potential views over the 7 km long beach of Carnota. Interventions: Cleanse the house from the sheds that are currently distorting its features. Hollow it out. …

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ENGLISH | ESPAÑOL | GALAICO La Floresta SitingSant – Cugat SponsorPrivate  Year2007 Area (m²)240 Budget (€)266.438 Co-authorsEric TrilloJosé M. Navarro A steep slope.To one side, the views; to the other, the sun. The living room had to be placed in the highest point of the lot, the farthest removed from the access, in order to …

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